New Firefighter Hook Tool from Local Firefighter for Shiplap

Innovative new firefighter pike pole from Gen2 Innovations, LLC has the potential to save lives and property by giving firefighters a multipurpose pike tool that is specially designed for shiplap and drywall.

January 13, 2020 / / — Fire fighting is an inherently high risk profession and it relies on firefighters being efficient to quickly extinguish the fire while searching for potential victims. One thing that prevents firefighters from being effective on the fire ground is not having the right tool for the job. A local firefighter from Dallas, TX, has now found one innovative solution in developing the new G2 Pike Pole, a firefighter hook tool alternative.

The G2 Pike Pole saves firefighters time by more effectively and efficiently breaking through shiplap, with its specially designed broadhead as the tip of the patent-pending hammer action slide. This feature creates a mechanical advantage that doesn't exist with traditional hooks. The G2 Pike Pole is just 15lbs and is made with 304 Stainless Steel construction. It is lathe turned to a point with a 6 inch wide and .25 in thick broadhead. The tool is 58” in length and extends to 69”.

Unlike other firefighter pike poles, the G2 Pike Pole allows firefighters to punch through the ceiling and then turn the tool using the teeth on the underside to rip ceiling down. The firefighter always knows which direction the blade is facing as it is in line with the handle at the other end of the pole. This means that the tool is ideal in situations with low to zero visibility.

The G2 Pike Pole reduces the amount of energy a firefighter uses to bring the shiplap ceiling down quickly and safely. This is essential when firefighters have already over-exerted themselves in their efforts and don’t have as much energy left to continue. Reducing the time it takes to gain attic access and create a vertical vent allows the fire to be controlled faster, increasing the time to get victims out and potentially saving more lives.

As firefighters need to be able to move easily and effectively, the G2 Pike Pole is a two-in-one tool. The Modified T handle also works as another hook designed to work on drywall, allowing the firefighter to simply invert the tool. By only having to take one tool in, firefighters are best equipped to deal with the materials they are most likely to encounter and won’t waste precious time returning to the truck for the tool they need.

The G2 Pike Pole is an incredibly important development for firefighters and will change the way that these men and women approach structure fires. Giving firefighters the right tools for the job saves time, property and most importantly has the potential to save lives. The G2 Innovation's pike tool is already being regarded as a game-changer.

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