The New G2 Pike Pole with Hammer Action

The G2 is an innovative advancement in the world of fire hooks, with the primary function of enhancing the speed and efficiency of pulling ship lap.

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G2 Pike pole leaning on fire truck

Arriving Fall 2019

G2 Pike pole leaning on fire truck zoomed in

The game changer

The patented Hammer Action slide and broad head style tip will drastically improve the speed and efficiency. Forever changing the way you’ll pull shiplap.

alternate end of tool


Frustrated when you get inside to find a remodel? We’ve got you covered. Simply flip the G2 over. The modified T handle destroys standard drywall in seconds!

firefighters in action

Battle Tested

Designed by a fireman with firefighters in mind. The G2 has been field tested and has proven to withstand the rigorous demands of the fire ground.