The New G2 Pike Pole

Through the use of the patent-pending “Hammer Action” the G2 Pike Pole allows the firefighter to multiply the force generated by hammering the bladehead through the ceiling.



Eliminate 2nd Tool

Frustrated when you get inside to find a remodel? We’ve got you covered. Simply flip the G2 Pike Pole over. The modified T handle destroys standard drywall in seconds! Streamline your selection of hooks and other fire department tools with one G2 Pike Pole.

Battle Tested

Designed by a fireman with firefighters in mind. The G2 has been field tested and has proven to withstand the rigorous demands of the fire ground.

The Game Changer

The patented Hammer Action slide and broad head style tip will drastically improve the speed and efficiency previously unmatched by any other fire department tool. Forever changing the way you’ll pull shiplap.

Product Details

  • Hammer action applies force to remove shiplap wall/ceiling by creating mechanical advantage
  • Tool can be reversed for drywall eliminating need for a second tool
  • Modified "T" handle
  • Broadhead designed with bottom side teeth for gripping board

G2 Specs

  • 13 lbs
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Lathe turned to a point
  • 6 inch wide and .25 in thick broadhead
  • Ergonomically designed T handle constructed from .5 inch thick powder-coated steel.
  • 57.88" in length. Extends to 69.13"
“The G2 pike pole is a one man game changer when it comes to effectively removing shiplap! The hammer action gives the user the much needed mechanical advantage that is needed to pull old shiplap and with the growing use of shiplap in modern homes for decoration, it’s a tool that no department should go without.”

James Whittle – Firefighter, Dallas, TX